Know Your Writes

“Melanie is a careful reader and listener; she made extra effort to communicate with me while she was editing my dissertation. She changed (or corrected) my writing for more effective expression while also greatly helping me to clarify my ideas. Also, she's very friendly, encouraging, and collaborative. It felt like having a wonderful writing partner/buddy.”

Hyejong Yoo
Ph.D, Art History and Visual Studies
Cornell University


“I am very happy with Melanie's editing of my dissertation. She found problems with my writing that I might never have noticed. At the same time, she understood and respected my personal style and helped make my own voice stronger. I highly recommend her to anyone finishing a dissertation or working on an article for publication.”

Gustavo P. Furtado

Ph.D, Romance Studies, Cornell University
Assistant Professor, Romance Studies, Duke University


“Editor Melanie Bush's careful review of my book left me feeling fully confident that I would be submitting a greatly improved manuscript. Melanie was efficient, fast, corrected grammar and syntax, and posed useful questions that helped me clarify certain arguments. She is an astute critical reader whose intelligence and editorial skills can only positively impact one's writing. I highly recommend her services, which were very reasonably priced.”

Paula Ioanide
Assistant Professor, Center for the Study of Culture, Race and Ethnicity
Ithaca College